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tv   Headline News  RT  June 12, 2014 2:00am-2:31am EDT

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iraq descends again into a war zone as al qaeda linked extremist sweep across the north with hardware left behind by american troops. in east ukraine their city was firebombed overnight by the military is already in ruins as a result of ongoing artillery attacks and yes or no g.m. e.u. countries could soon decide independently whether to ban the cultivation of genetically altered crops despite the u.s. push in brussels to expand their global trade.
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hello there welcome you're watching r.t. international now in iraq radical islamist militants linked to al qaida are reportedly planning to take baghdad after successfully advancing in the nor the so-called islamic state in iraq and syria group has already captured the entire province of the universe which you can see here including its regional capital be extremists then move south and capture the cities cities of by she and to create an arid vance was halted just a hundred kilometers from baghdad it's thought the government's now asked the u.s. to carry out drone strikes against the insurgents but reena portnoy explains now that might mean washington gaging against its own military hardware. one leaving behind a sovereign stable and self-reliant iraq two and a half years later the people america left behind are we. running away fleeing for
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their lives on hold a million people have already escaped from iraq's second city mosul off the i.s.i. al forced the army to retreat reports say gunmen have also sees a nearby oil refinery town iraq's prime minister calling for a state of emergency after hundreds of gunman took control of strategic parts of the northern city of mosul by wednesday militants had seized the turkish consulate in mussel kidnapping the head of diplomatic mission and two dozen staff members some thirty thousand iraqi soldiers reportedly turned and ran as militants from the islamic state of iraq and syria known as isis moved in unleashing an all out assault on the city they've taken control of hospitals police stations they have taken control of ammunition dumps and weapons stores that the fleeing government forces of lead based left behind many of the abandoned weapons and military hardware now in the hands of hardline terrorists were imported into iraq from gas
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where i think you all are aware of the shipments that we've provided that include the delivery of three hundred hellfire missiles millions of rounds of small arms fire thousands of rounds of tank ammunition helicopter fired rockets that iraqi security forces and don't forget about the u.s. supplied humvees here you can see isis insurgents are riding and inspecting the vehicles driving them across the border into war torn syria critics call it an unintended consequence of the u.s. war in iraq coming home to roost there weren't any real sizable organized militant groups in iraq until the mesopotamia rose during that to fight back at the u.s. invasion to help the army we've trained them for eight years and that didn't seem to work bush dismantled the original iraqi army after the us invasion and that's the root of the problem the u.s. war in iraq cost washington close to one true. dollars and the lives of more than
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forty five hundred soldiers hundreds of thousands of iraqis have reportedly been killed while the u.s. was looking for w m d's and spreading democracy. the unified and competent iraqi military that was allegedly established has buckled weapons that were made in the usa are now in the hands of america's enemies and the country left to fend for itself in a state of crisis arena point r t. well at least two million people have been displaced by the violence and there also reports of mass beheadings being carried out by the stream ists investigative journalist robert perry who is a middle east specialist believes iraqis collapsing and the u.s. should take responsibility well it suggests that the iraqi military is indicating that it's beginning to collapse the clearly this is a very divided country in terms of the question of stability or instability the
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u.s. invasion in two thousand and three was the force that shattered this nation and it's been hard to imagine how it's going to be put back together in any meaningful way since then you know even someone like senator joe biden now the vice president suggesting some years ago that the country should be divided in three that you have a sunni section a shiite section and a kurdish section and it seems to be moving in that direction. and you can keep across the betterment in iraq by heading to r.t. dot com where you will also find expert analysis on the key causes and plays in the troubled country. residence and so again second east ukraine awoken overnight to see the sky lit by what they claim were military fire bombs being dropped on the city slavyansk is a focal point in the conflict like oh say artillery fire has been ongoing for days schools hospitals and government buildings have been. destroyed in water and power
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supplies are regularly cut off ukraine's health ministry says more than two hundred people including nineteen children have been killed in the us to since the government began its military operation well as well as the regular army the ukrainian government has also been using national guard conscripts and they were the main force behind the military's celts in the yeast but entire units have since headed back to kiev claiming they're unpaid and have been abandoned by the government. back on the backs of those that met. according to official papers we don't exist where in the allusion it's like we haven't been deployed here we haven't got any ammunition nothing we were sleeping on the ground because we didn't even have can't they just sent us there and forgot about us and were all the generals and commanders were sitting pretty and there were intense guarded by the u.s. they'd be seas who were sent to fight like cannon for their. fish. to
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show us we haven't been paid we're going around six hundred or so rubble here two months ago and sit we didn't have any food instead they've been feeding us with promises that it's going to happen tomorrow but we are tired of waiting. and there is a closer look at the crisis that is splitting ukraine in today's edition of worlds apart here on r.t. international. now i know that you've just returned from ukraine does it feel like a whole new country compared to the previous times you visited it no i think that would be overstating the fact it is true that there is a great deal of hope among but this is a fresh start but equally people's memories are longer than seven or eight years and for many it's just the same old thing one oligarchy has effectively replaced another.
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america's hunger to dominate the genetically modified food market could get on the other side of the atlantic is the e.u. molds where their individual country should have the right to ban such crops brussels has long pushed the greater international trade in g.m.o. even though more than half of the member nations are against them or europe correspondent peter oliver has this report the meeting of the e.u. environment ministers in brussels on thursday could be an important step toward seeing genetically modified foods banned in some countries in countries like here in germany we've seen a massive outcry against didn't ethically modified foods people preferring to shop it organic stores like the one behind me now the reasons they've given for they saw several most notably health reasons people who can hope against g.m.o. foods are saying that there's not enough research on the fact the research hasn't even been done one other concern revolves around trade in genetically modified
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foods at the end of june we're going to see the negotiations on the new transatlantic trade and investment policy really getting into full swing t.-t. as it's known well its critics say this could allow american companies to pass off food stuffs with a belt having to let. europeans know they say that they well the standards of food in the united states just aren't up to scratch with those in europe now we have seen in the past just recently apples from the united states were told they weren't going to be allowed to be imported into europe so whatever the result of the environment ministers meeting in brussels it does seem that when it comes to the general public in europe they've given g.m.o. a resoundingly know. what the effects on people's health have dog perceptions of genetically modified food for years in that time there have
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been many studies on just what the crops might do to the human body is this graphic shows researchers link them to potentially causing diseases such as cancer allergies and also childhood learning disorders g m o's may be divisive in europe but china has taken a much more robust stances alexy our share of ski discussed with r.t. neil harvey. seem to be proud of putting their own corn into the market and the reason for that is because the chinese no longer want to buy the american corn in fact if we put it into numbers and we can see that the sales and the import has dropped significantly this year china already rejected one twenty five million tons of corn the wall street journal put it into money and said that american trading companies lost more than half a billion dollars already we need to mention that china has been the one of the biggest buyers of american corn over the years five million tons per year and the third largest importer and this year the sales of american corn to china dropped by
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eighty five percent and this is all over the fact they don't want g.m. food now presumably this is because the public are demanding this is well i mean they are the consumers after all indeed the main reason cited is that the corn has been genetically modified the chinese government revealed it by what we spoke to an expert from tokyo research on agriculture and he told us that this may be a very very good move china for china. producing its own crops they want to be kind of like independence. from too much imports or foreign crops and as you know china rising middle class in china is very conscious of the programmer wants to buy if you buy a strawberry jubal in china and it mimics the taste of fragrance and strobridge or a bird but there's no strawberry in it and it has no ethical emotional value to the
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consumer us it could be a great spin to that we recently had a statement from the russian prime minister that russia also wants to sort of abstain from buying genetically modified products and it has enough soil and off capacities and enough capabilities of growing its own natural food so in the north of china where i was i heard an opinion that this may be a good sort of point in time for russia and china to trade particularly in corn and other grain production as well so we knows maybe it will be russian corn in the chinese markets then you want you to national still to come we'll tell you how america's intelligence community is fighting to win back people's trust after the edward snowden leaks. interview.
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i marinate join me. in that impartial and financial reporting commentary contributor and much much. only on bombast and.
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some people say that when it happens to someone in time not a very nice one the curtain falls down. at some point i could no longer stand it i decided to kill myself. even though i was scared of what i'd done but i punched but i didn't understand where i had it when a man rises ahead and the woman should. run from him. everyone who sees this video to also speak to the children's father. my husband became a controllable people that he would do anything. why you're crying don't cry i know i'm tired of crying to downgrade.
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welcome back now taxi drivers have brought major european cities to a whole because of an increasingly popular smartphone app which they say push their jobs at risk artie's party boyko explains why cabbies in london think it's just not fair. it's a species that's rode the british capital for well over a century but is london's iconic black cab about to become extinct there's another beast encroaching on the taxi's turf a smartphone app called. well the up works by tracking your location and showing you the nearest cars available so i'm just back to newbury my driver olim john will pick me up in seven minutes.
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once i arrive at my destination the app will tell me how much i owe and it will be charged straight to my bank card but london taxi drivers say it's in legal for any vehicle other than a license taxi to be fitted with a meter they can calculate your fare it's wrong and the next on the phone is a meter and therefore should be regulated by. the car he's won so if you can people do all of you know for the diary or the form or paid for the cab pay for the profit. is for a pale. says competition is healthy the capital's mass says the black cab is part of the fabric of the city but there needs to be room for technology they can't drive as protesting head don't want to be in london they're not happy with the
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capital's transpose authority for allowing the app to operate now several thousand of them have gathered in central london and they brought traffic to a standstill google goldman sachs a lot of damage and become police they believe that this kid over. this kid of the big louise of the brushwork must only reason really london i believe to them this is still kids go to the ends up my we work we did for years all the knowledge and blood comes along was a fool to. that's about by the way you go that's not stretchable we're not going to accept it isn't the first threat to the hackney carriage the fact treat that builds it went bust and was only saved by chinese investment it is you know the secret sensual kind of icon of london and through the work you saw so everyone started around your local fair city fair enough but the irony is that by demonstrating
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against the new smartphone app the beleaguered london taxi has generated some priceless publicists for the very company they say is driving away their customers . london well taxi trouble isn't the only cause of anger on the streets of london at the moment is also growing resentment over plans to buy britain's first ever water cannon the crowd control method definitely packs a punch but london's mayor has brushed off public concerns and is even offering to be blasted by a water cannon himself you can learn more at r.t. dot com also there the story of how an online chat with fellow video gamers protected a woman in arizona from being brought. into the new cultural phenomena like these policies i think you know.
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pleasure to have you with us here on our t.v. today i roll researcher. all eyes will be on brazil over the next four weeks starting in just a few hours when the world cup kicks off hundreds of thousands of fans will be there millions of us will watch the country put on a footballing spectacle but the lead up to the event has been marred by near daily protests over the huge cost the airport staff in rio de janeiro are on twenty four hour strike jeopardizing fans trying to get to cities and stadiums in the spiraling costs have left almost half the brazilian skeptical about holding the tournament at all but it is graham phillips has found that from diehard fans the game is all that
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it's how you should have things he's also chosen to turn to you because if you are competing in the world cup with the security was it first i was coming to it just to get. these hundreds of those two children who volunteered to take phones in the opening ceremony and some today we can see the group want don't really for the fun for it for us so we're going to be crashing down not to disrupt proceedings continue and that kind of got that for us was that with the flow. of the world cup the twenty twelve countries to your image it would focus on the first in south america for thirty six years i'm here asking people how they feel about it oh it's so exciting to be here in brazil just to enjoy the world cup you know this week with the fans from around the world was in the city so it took all the focus of the spanish t.v.
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i was. good good good so how do you feel about this world cup here so how was it to me years ago you were there actually this was not how you. really view was the world cup or to kickoff in brazil was the feeling from the fines this is great for that's what all see. it all. gets underway tonight when host brazil take on croatia in sao paolo let's have a quick look now at some other news from around the world a suicide bombing in libya's second largest city has injured several people it happened near a military checkpoint in benghazi when an explosive device hidden in the car was detonated three soldiers and two civilians are among the wounded is still that the troops were targeted particulary support for a former general who didn't leached a military campaign against islam is in may. the united states resume the use of drones in pakistan after suspending the program last december to allow talks
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between the islamabad government and the taliban at least sixteen militants were killed in airstrikes on their hideouts in the northern. waziristan province a few days ago taliban fighters launched brazen attacks on the country's largest airport in karachi killing dozens troops from around the democratic republic of congo have clashed on their shared border congolese officials accused rwandan soldiers of crossing the border and kidnapping a congolese army corporal who was then killed but rwanda insists congo's troops attacked first triggering the exchange of fire. america's intelligence agency is on a mission to improve its public image and has been holding its public for the cia already got a presence on twitter to try to reach actually give the agency a more human face is. what came up at the conference cia director
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john brennan was upset with the media was how is he said distorted the narrative is with regard to the work that the cia is doing all these reports about drone strikes edward snowden's revelations about the u.s. government trampling on civil liberties all of this is not to john brennan's liking his mission is to restore the public's trust and not only of the american public but also of the public globally foreign governments are becoming embarrassed of their cooperation with the cia because of the bad perceptions that are out there and that worries john brennan who have been dismissed. the narrative seems to be skewed. the narrative. after nine eleven a lot of trust was put in the cia then as the director said it went the other way he obviously did not focus on how the agency managed to squander that trust either by providing flawed intelligence on weapons of mass destruction in iraq or maybe due to the drone operations which reportedly kill more civilians than terrorists or
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due to how the agency managed to miss the boston marathon bombers even though they had the warnings john brennan was not there to talk specifics journalists were not allowed to ask questions only the participants of the conference and those were scholars georgetown foreign service students intelligence professionals the questions that john brennan received were very general character and this was the first cia conference on national security by the way they were not allowed to film anybody in the audience the cia has just launched this twitter account and all of this is a result of john brennan deciding to engage in more public appearances to fix the tarnished image of the agency. and while the image conscious intelligence community tries to defend its ways the manes activists have launched a new campaign to support whistle blows being hounded by the authorities it is backed by the so-called courage group in berlin that runs edward snowden's defense
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fund r.t. spoke to some of the organizers the reality of the situation is that we don't live in an ideal world and we need to support people who bring out seriously uncomfortable truths so we have the reforms in the united states that allow people to come and talk about real serious abuses of power about fraud waste and abuse we need organizations like courage to be able to support people where the state has fallen short and unfortunately in the united states those united states have really fallen short for edward snowden i think anyone that speaks streets to power whether it's a whistleblower a journalist or a publisher. those are heroic acts and they should be supported there are many with supplies that are examples of how the united states treats trees teles and it is they basically persecute them and that is what they have done with that with snakes you could see it last year when they doubt the president's plane trying to find him so i think that the united states has
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a long way to go in protecting treaty tell us as they should. you without international all be back with more news in about half an hour's time up next. in london in one of the caring parts of one of the capitals of loving liberal e.u. they've implemented a plan to finally get almost people off the streets at night so that they provide these desperate people with a job so they can at least earn a few pounds and have some even. dignity of course not they put down spikes everywhere on the ground so that the hobos have nowhere to sleep yes that is right they're laying down spikes to keep up the homeless just like dragon's teeth keep out tanks now if this happened somewhere in say bangladesh on a bad day i might say well that is their business but all the liberals in the e.u.
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just constantly cry from their ivory tower to the whole world about how we all need to be tolerant and be taxed to death to help people but as a guy who grew up in a bad neighborhood i can tell you that liberals never want to live near the people they claim to want to help you know henry ford was one of those guys who said that you should never give anybody any handouts so what he did was give the disabled and the poor are decent paying jobs at his factory so listen up you liberal loony bin if you want to get those evil yucky print for people off the streets just put them to work it will read your city of its homeless problem a lot faster than spikes will but that's just my opinion. says the media leader so we leave the baby. bush and secure the place your party physical. issues that no one is asking with to get that you deserve answers from.
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politicking. and ada has the day to day's headlines. the average two thousand and fourteen graduate student thirty three thousand dollars according to an analyst an analysis of government data by advisers that make. the most indebted. debt double the amount just twenty years ago even after adjusting for inflation in
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aggregate the student debt load in the united states is now about one trillion dollars. help is on the way just yesterday president obama signed an executive order capping payments at ten percent of monthly income for millions of borrowers here's what president obama said on the issue. we are here today because we believe that in america no hardworking young person should be priced out of higher education. the president also voiced support for massachusetts senator warren's bill to cap interest rates on student loans but here's what the president isn't doing he isn't reducing debt principal payments he isn't allowing debtors to discharge student loan debt in bankruptcy and he isn't preventing student debt servicing abuses basically what we see with student loans is what we saw with housing a big increase in house household debt and a host of loan servicing abuses the huffington post syrup poor has reported over
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the last year that student loan services like sallie mae illegally blocked payments from accruing to loan loans with the highest interest rate prevent borrowers from learning of cheaper repayment options over charge active duty members of the military violate discriminatory lending practices pushed into plans that increase their burden and harassed borrowers if all the sounds familiar it's because it's good because these are exactly the types of abuses that we saw in the mortgage market rather than crack down on these abuses the obama administration rewarded servicers for loan modifications under the now notorious program and that's exactly what the obama administration plans to do here to the administration fact sheet on quote making student loans more affordable says quote today the department announced that it will read negotiate its contracts with federal loan services to strengthen financial incentives to help.


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